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The Fading Impulse

They’re almost otherworldly, dragonflies. This one lingered around the doorway for days–on borrowed time–which gave me the opportunity to appreciate close-up how amazing these creatures are: all electrical impulse and chemical potion in a jeweled casing. It was mesmerizing, one of those moments where the line between science and magic seems to blur.


Rammstein was one of those bands that snuck into my discography at precisely the right time–loud, German, and just the thing to help quell teenage angst. But it wasn’t until now that I got to see them live–after a long absence from playing in America. There was a lot of this: (via eupraxophy) But pyrotechnics […]


(via TurnbackSarah) Jeremy Brett was my first introduction to first Sherlock Holmes and the aesthetic of the Granada series is still burned into my brain. Dark haired, angular, complex. Watch one of my favorite episodes, Silver Blaze, here:

Sherlock Style: Part 4

(via tigersinthesnow) Last one, I promise. The final component that left me totally obsessed with the Sherlock Holmes series (so far, at least) was the fashion–exclusively that of the gents, though the ladies looked lovely as well. Hats, jackets, vests (or, waist coats, if you please), scarves, cravats, canes, crops, and LOTS of tweed. (via […]

Zola Jesus

We saw Zola Jesus at the Black Cat Friday Night. Doing a fantastic job inheriting the Goth Throne from the likes of Siouxsie and the Banshees.