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National Museum of Natural History

In a city full of memorable elephants (mostly by party affiliation, though a few real ones, too) this one may be my favorite. Located in the rotunda of The National Museum of Natural History, this male African elephant was killed in 1955 and donated to the museum. The National Museum of Natural History was built […]


A few things from my own collection, which had a bit of a rearranging this weekend: cow skull, crow’s memento mori, an assembly of little bones, and the new home of the articulated spine.

Spine Box

I got a mystery box in the mail today. Addressed to “June M. Spine Matics” from “A Lava Field.” While I have not gotten mail from a lava field before, I have gotten mysterious packages so I wasn’t alarmed by the warnings on the box. I thought I had better open it with care. Inside: […]

Typography with Spine?

(via The Evolution of Type – Street Anatomy) I’m taking Digital Typography and it’s shaping up to be the class most likely to kick my ass this semester. Also taking: Western Civilization, and Developmental Psychology.

Magical Talisman

The internet says Talisman comes from the Greek word “telein” which means “to initiate into the mysteries” and typically refers to an amulet or other object considered to possess supernatural or magical powers. After a weekend without electricity and under threat of a hurricane, making a talisman from the crow vertebrae seemed perfect. Selecting the […]

The Perks of Designing with Spine

My latest project isn’t complete, but if I’m talking about the perils of Designing with Spine I think it’s only right to show you the perks as well. So here you are: A snapshot of things wild and magic. But most notably… A butterfly jug, and… an apothecary spine. The butterfly jug is one of […]

The Perils of Designing with Spine

I’ve been working on a special project for the last couple of days and I thought I’d share some of the perils of “designing with spine”: sometimes you have to deal with maggots you usually have to work with something gross or stinky it takes a long time sometimes nature is greedy and some critter […]