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Tis the season! If you’re looking for GIFTS with spine, I’ve got a few shop suggestions: The Evolution Store is my latest obsession. I visited the first time during a recent trip to New York City and was nearly left breathless by the shop aesthetic and selection. Their online store is equally impressive. From little […]


A few things from my own collection, which had a bit of a rearranging this weekend: cow skull, crow’s memento mori, an assembly of little bones, and the new home of the articulated spine.

Skull Nickels

“The hobby [of carving nickles] apparently originated in the depression, where starving artists carved the currency in order to make it day by day. Today, there’s a fairly vibrant sub-culture that carves these “Hobo Nickels” and turns regular currency into some sweet looking art.” Hobo Skull Nickels WIN – Win!.