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National Museum of Natural History

In a city full of memorable elephants (mostly by party affiliation, though a few real ones, too) this one may be my favorite. Located in the rotunda of The National Museum of Natural History, this male African elephant was killed in 1955 and donated to the museum. The National Museum of Natural History was built […]

San Francisco

A visit to the old stomping ground–San Francisco–this week for a conference. A few choice images for you: Something the Opera Ghost would be proud of, at the Union Square Hilton.Lobby, looking positively reptilian. Post Street, looking ridiculously Californian.The old dorm.Lori’s Diner, a staple of late-night nourishment. Powell Street BART.An excellent owl.Apparently someone else thought […]

We visited the National Museum of Natural History this weekend. It’s not only filled with some excellent specimens (skeletons, taxidermy, things-in-jars, etc!) but some of the exhibit design is pretty impressive, too.