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Kent Williams is an excellent human being

When Sam and I were first dating he mentioned that he had an internship with Kent Williams–an amazing figurative painter and graphic novel artist. While Sam was interning they were working on The Fountain. Yep, the one that was made into a movie. In fact, Sam’s face was used as a reference for one of […]

Beguiling Fellow

(via Lindsey Kustusch) While walking around San Francisco, a little bird caught our eye at the Cohen Abee Gallery. He’s one of a flock of crows by Lindsey Kustusch.

Chamber of Wonders

One of my favorite museum exhibits–art or otherwise–is The Chamber of Wonders at the Walters Art Museum in Baltimore. It’s an authentic representation of the collections that captured the imaginations of high society during The Age of Exploration in Europe. In fact, it mimics closely a painting that hangs on its walls. The Archdukes Albert […]

An Accident

(Details from An Accident – The Walters Art Museum) So fond of this kid–pale from blood loss, arched eyebrows, sharp nose, stoic. And the detail of the cat hiding under the bed is strangely satisfying, too. Painting details photographed by me on a trip to the Walters.