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Rammstein was one of those bands that snuck into my discography at precisely the right time–loud, German, and just the thing to help quell teenage angst. But it wasn’t until now that I got to see them live–after a long absence from playing in America. There was a lot of this: (via eupraxophy) But pyrotechnics […]

Danger Man

Happy Belated Birthday to Patrick McGoohan! An enduring icon, most especially in my mind. One of his many memorable roles was John Drake, in the British spy series Danger Man, also known as Secret Agent Man in the States.  

Talking with the Trees

Trees are nature’s strong, silent type–but, as it turns out, they actually have a lot to say. Peek at a cross section and you can learn about the life of the tree and the conditions it was living in. In fact, scientists have used information from trees to determine things like the start of the […]

Ich grolle nicht

Stuck in my head today, and on many others. Ich grolle nicht, und wenn das Herz auch bricht, Ewig verlor’nes Lieb ! Ich grolle nicht. Wie du auch strahlst in Diamantenpracht, Es fällt kein Strahl in deines Herzens Nacht. Das weiß ich längst. Ich grolle nicht, und wenn das Herz auch bricht, Ich sah dich […]