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It’s that time of year again: Krampusnacht! Krampus is a demonic looking beast who punishes naughty children during the Yuletide season. He’s depicted as tall, hairy, horned, and grotesque; equipped with whips, chains, and a sack to steal children away. (via encyclopediapsychotika) (via BromArt) Krampus can be traced back to pre-Christian Germanic traditions. Early Christians […]

Peter Huchel

The autumnal flourish of poplars. And villages walled in By howling dogs, At the gate The bolt wedged fast, The gold hidden In the rusty iron pot. Late the last farmstead. Shot to bits, the chain ferry Drifted downstream. Here I saw the child Embedded in the hour’s colder corner, Thrust out from the caves […]

Mein fuchs das auge

Recently, we were lucky to discover that a fox in the park behind our apartment had kits. (via we heart it) They’re an illusive family, so I don’t know how many babies she had–but every glimpse of them is a pleasure. Nothing like the fleeting apparition of the vulpine to bring a little wildness into […]

Kensington Antique Row

Some ways that I am an old lady: My name is June. I like tea. I visit historical antique districts. The last one is what this post is about. This weekend we visited Kensington’s Antique Row and I thought I’d share some of the treasure we came upon. Children’s Books galore! This is Mother (Goose) […]


Rammstein was one of those bands that snuck into my discography at precisely the right time–loud, German, and just the thing to help quell teenage angst. But it wasn’t until now that I got to see them live–after a long absence from playing in America. There was a lot of this: (via eupraxophy) But pyrotechnics […]

Ich grolle nicht

Stuck in my head today, and on many others. Ich grolle nicht, und wenn das Herz auch bricht, Ewig verlor’nes Lieb ! Ich grolle nicht. Wie du auch strahlst in Diamantenpracht, Es fällt kein Strahl in deines Herzens Nacht. Das weiß ich längst. Ich grolle nicht, und wenn das Herz auch bricht, Ich sah dich […]

Rat King

(via Rat_King.jpg (JPEG Image, 600×446 pixels)) German artist Katharina Fritsch The earliest recorded sightings of a rat-king (a group of rodents bound together through an accidental knotting of tails) date back to the Renaissance, and subsequent recordings have served only to inflame the unsettling reputation of this phenomenon. Fritsch’s Rattenkoenig (Rat-King), is a large-scale sculptural […]

The ‘Blue Horse’

(via Eric Carle: The ‘Blue Horse’ That Inspired A Children’s Book : NPR) Who doesn’t love Eric Carle? His new children’s book is called “The Artist Who Painted a Blue Horse” and it’s about being an artist, an individual, a creative, an innovator. The article above also talks about Carle growing up in Nazi Germany, […]