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Renard, Liberated

Selections from Musée Carnavalet by Karen Knorr. The usual aim of the fable is to teach a lesson by drawing attention to animal behaviour and its relationship to human actions and shortcomings. Animals in fables speak metaphorically of human folly, criticizing human nature. Yet it seems that the nature of Karen Knorr’s work has another […]

National Museum of Natural History

In a city full of memorable elephants (mostly by party affiliation, though a few real ones, too) this one may be my favorite. Located in the rotunda of The National Museum of Natural History, this male African elephant was killed in 1955 and donated to the museum. The National Museum of Natural History was built […]

National Portrait Gallery/American Art Museum

In Washington, DC you’re spoiled for choice when it comes to free museums. With access comes familiarity–and having favorites becomes very easy indeed. Paul Manship is well represented in these galleries, and his sculptures of animals embody the mythology and fable they depict. I’m fond of his dogs–whose manes, feathered tails, and fluffy butt-tufts remind […]

Mein fuchs das auge

Recently, we were lucky to discover that a fox in the park behind our apartment had kits. (via we heart it) They’re an illusive family, so I don’t know how many babies she had–but every glimpse of them is a pleasure. Nothing like the fleeting apparition of the vulpine to bring a little wildness into […]

Kensington Antique Row

Some ways that I am an old lady: My name is June. I like tea. I visit historical antique districts. The last one is what this post is about. This weekend we visited Kensington’s Antique Row and I thought I’d share some of the treasure we came upon. Children’s Books galore! This is Mother (Goose) […]


If you love something, you should share it. A gift for Laura, in celebration of our mutual love of Sherlock Holmes. This mysterious little box: wrapped in black, soft texture paper, with a patterned note card sealed with gold wax and secured with purple ribbon. The clue inside read: “It’s not WESTWOOD but…” The contents: […]