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Velours de Fumer

(via just shine a light on me) Unapologetically posting this Dolce & Gabbana red velvet smoking jacket worn by Benedict Cumberbatch during the LA Premiere of “The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug.” Because, holy god.

Sherlock Style: Part 4

(via tigersinthesnow) Last one, I promise. The final component that left me totally obsessed with the Sherlock Holmes series (so far, at least) was the fashion–exclusively that of the gents, though the ladies looked lovely as well. Hats, jackets, vests (or, waist coats, if you please), scarves, cravats, canes, crops, and LOTS of tweed. (via […]

The Syle of Edward Gorey

Rookie ยป Secret Style Icon: Edward Gorey and Everyone He Has Ever Drawn My aunt shared the above article with me about the fashion of Edward Gorey. It’s a crime not to love his spooky illustrations, and I whole-heartedly agree that the fashions of his characters are to die for. I especially love Gorey’s evolution […]