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National Museum of Natural History

In a city full of memorable elephants (mostly by party affiliation, though a few real ones, too) this one may be my favorite. Located in the rotunda of The National Museum of Natural History, this male African elephant was killed in 1955 and donated to the museum. The National Museum of Natural History was built […]

National Portrait Gallery/American Art Museum

In Washington, DC you’re spoiled for choice when it comes to free museums. With access comes familiarity–and having favorites becomes very easy indeed. Paul Manship is well represented in these galleries, and his sculptures of animals embody the mythology and fable they depict. I’m fond of his dogs–whose manes, feathered tails, and fluffy butt-tufts remind […]


A few things from my own collection, which had a bit of a rearranging this weekend: cow skull, crow’s memento mori, an assembly of little bones, and the new home of the articulated spine.

Beguiling Fellow

(via Lindsey Kustusch) While walking around San Francisco, a little bird caught our eye at the Cohen Abee Gallery. He’s one of a flock of crows by Lindsey Kustusch.