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I stumbled across this amazing shop during a visit to New York City, quite by accident. I was immediately drawn to the black store front with big glass windows and black banner with a massive and beautifully illustrated human skull: The Evolution Store. I may have gasped when I entered. So many beautifully displayed things! […]


A few things from my own collection, which had a bit of a rearranging this weekend: cow skull, crow’s memento mori, an assembly of little bones, and the new home of the articulated spine.

Mein fuchs das auge

Recently, we were lucky to discover that a fox in the park behind our apartment had kits. (via we heart it) They’re an illusive family, so I don’t know how many babies she had–but every glimpse of them is a pleasure. Nothing like the fleeting apparition of the vulpine to bring a little wildness into […]

Paxton Gate

Finally, a much anticipated visit to Paxton Gate. Upon entering, I actually felt myself saying: “This is everything I dreamed it would be.” And it was. It’s a shop of natural wonders and a few oddities, with a neo-victorian aesthetic. You can not only marvel at this cabinet of curiosities, but you can buy these […]

Chamber of Wonders

One of my favorite museum exhibits–art or otherwise–is The Chamber of Wonders at the Walters Art Museum in Baltimore. It’s an authentic representation of the collections that captured the imaginations of high society during The Age of Exploration in Europe. In fact, it mimics closely a painting that hangs on its walls. The Archdukes Albert […]