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For Christmas I received a gift of deep sentiment, from my aunt. It’s The Rusted Raven Scarf: The tag included with it says, in part, Hand loomed lated at night, December, 2011… Made of Raven Mist brushed mohair, Rusted Mist looped mohair, and 2 locks of horse hair. This scarf is special for several reasons: […]

Tidings of Comfort and Joy

Just like our dog and pony, our tree is a rescue. It’s a little scraggly, but we love it all the same. Thanks to our families in Maryland, North Carolina, Indiana, and San Francisco for a wonderful holiday.

Still the best Nutcracker

The best Nutcracker, at least by my opinion, is the first Nutcracker that I saw: The Nutcracker: a Fantasy on Ice. It’s circa 1983, and upon rewatching it my adulthood, I realize truly what an impact it had on my little brain. I was in LOVE with the Nutcracker–not the prince, but the stoic doll […]

The Nutcracker – Part 2

(via Bolshoi Nutcracker) This year I am watching ALL THE NUTCRACKERS. Well, several, at least. I’m critiquing them based on several factors, not the least of which is the quality of The Nutcracker Prince’s buttcheeks.