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An Accident

(Details from An Accident – The Walters Art Museum) So fond of this kid–pale from blood loss, arched eyebrows, sharp nose, stoic. And the detail of the cat hiding under the bed is strangely satisfying, too. Painting details photographed by me on a trip to the Walters.


Screencapture of Patrick McGoohan in Thomasina. Thomasina is a classic Disney favorite about a little girl’s love for her cat, and the character development of her stern, widowed, veterinarian father (played by Patrick McGoohan). I can’t say no to movie that has McGoohan in it, much less one that includes lots of animals, a kind […]

Feral Cat

(via i was never gonna stay the same.) It’s National Feral Cat Day. 70% of all cats that enter our nation’s pounds and shelters are killed. Do something about it.