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Little briar book

There are few things more gratifying than something made to specification, or the pleasure in pulling together your favorite elements into a whole. Here’s a little book project I made. I’m a big scribbler of ideas, so I’m always in need of little notebooks to stash away and fill. The process: I always start with […]

“Did you see more glass?”

My favorites. I was gifted this copy of Nine Stories by my friend Allison as I went off to art school. I kept the note on the title page. It’s been well loved and well read: wrinkled binding, curled pages, underlined passages, notes in the margins. A Perfect Day for Bananafish and For Esmé – […]

Beatrix Potter

(via a collection of senses.) Squirrel Nutkin is apparently as excited about the typography on this book as I am! Beatrix Potter has a special spot in my heart. My baby book was Peter Rabbit themed, and in kindergarten I memorized and recited the following over the PA system to the whole school: Beatrix Potter […]

Work Horse

I strongly identify with the archetype of the work horse. And a character synonymous with this archetype for me is Boxer, of George Orwell’s Animal Farm. These illustrations of Boxer come from Ralph Steadman. I can think of no more appropriate artist to embody Orwell’s story of farm animal dystopia: scratchy lines, messy splatters, bulging […]

The ‘Blue Horse’

(via Eric Carle: The ‘Blue Horse’ That Inspired A Children’s Book : NPR) Who doesn’t love Eric Carle? His new children’s book is called “The Artist Who Painted a Blue Horse” and it’s about being an artist, an individual, a creative, an innovator. The article above also talks about Carle growing up in Nazi Germany, […]

SPX 2011

Today a few of us went to the Small Press Expo in Bethesda, MD. It was my first time going so getting a lot of exposure to a slew of new things was pretty great. For instance: Fliers. Lots of fliers. I’m apparently slow-in-coming to this expo. It was a diverse crowd, but there were […]