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Sometimes a bunch of unruly odds and ends just need to be put with some friends and given a little purpose and organization. The Materials Acrylic case Decorative paper Bones Teeth Feathers Stones Moth wing Acorn cupule The Process The first step was preparing the acrylic case: making sure it was clean and taking the […]


Tis the season! If you’re looking for GIFTS with spine, I’ve got a few shop suggestions: The Evolution Store is my latest obsession. I visited the first time during a recent trip to New York City and was nearly left breathless by the shop aesthetic and selection. Their online store is equally impressive. From little […]


I stumbled across this amazing shop during a visit to New York City, quite by accident. I was immediately drawn to the black store front with big glass windows and black banner with a massive and beautifully illustrated human skull: The Evolution Store. I may have gasped when I entered. So many beautifully displayed things! […]

Intricacies of Art and Nature

Such pleasure in parallels! In cleaning these latest acquisitions I couldn’t help but marvel how delicate and intricate these bones are. It was peril between my fingers–at any moment I felt as though a piece could break. But the strength of the bone comes from its intricacies. The brittle parts work in concert together, their […]

Wolf Tea

(via WolfTea) Gorgeous work by Wolf Tea. Do give them a visit, but be warned: it’s like diving down a rabbit hole and you’re liable to lose hours to it!

National Museum of Natural History

In a city full of memorable elephants (mostly by party affiliation, though a few real ones, too) this one may be my favorite. Located in the rotunda of The National Museum of Natural History, this male African elephant was killed in 1955 and donated to the museum. The National Museum of Natural History was built […]