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Tis the season! If you’re looking for GIFTS with spine, I’ve got a few shop suggestions: The Evolution Store is my latest obsession. I visited the first time during a recent trip to New York City and was nearly left breathless by the shop aesthetic and selection. Their online store is equally impressive. From little […]


NOTCOT–a brilliant blog you should definitely be following–recently posted about the exhibit Brains: The Mind as Matter at the Wellcome Collection. Below are some of my favorite images they posted. Science and aesthetic–celebrating one of the most fascinating parts of the human body, and nature’s most brilliant design.


Ode to my father, on his birthday. A few things that remind me of him: Clutch, on principle, as a Maryland rock band of clever gentlemen that sing songs about muscle cars and getting in to trouble. Shelby mustangs, black and grey snakeskin cowboy boots, black dusters, dirty martinis, too many cigarettes, car grease, blue-eyes-and-silver-beards, […]

Sherlock Style: Part 3

(Reordan’s Lab via Set Decorators Society of America) Things in jars! It’s only fitting that Sherlock Holmes included a healthy does of things-in-jars. Not only could you spy specimens in Holmes’ abode, but there was and entire set, Reordan’s Lab’s, devoted to them. Fitting, too, because the Victorian and Edwardian eras were the height of […]

Sherlock Style: Part 2

Things everywhere. Part of the visual intrigue of this movie for me is that there is so much to look at. Every desk, shelf, ledge, chair, arm rest, surface–has something on it or some sort of quirk to it. Tea cups balance precariously, upholstery is worn in all the right spots, books read-over a thousand […]

Sherlock Style: Part 1

I’m sure you’ve noticed: I’ve been obsessed with Ritchie’s Sherlock Holmes lately. It started of course with the first movie, and then renewed with the last. This is partly because of the excellent casting, the entertaining writing, the gripping filming, and the brilliant source material. But the pull I find most undeniable is the aesthetic […]