The Malevolent Eye

From Opus Fine Art: In Rachel Louise Brown’s photographs the landscape becomes a cinematic stage in which she investigates a psychological reaction to unfamiliar territory. Experiencing a mixture of fear and curiosity Brown explores and visualizes the unknown alone. Memories embedded through cinema, literature and imagination manifest in the photographs that emerge. She’s also an […]

Renard, Liberated

Selections from Musée Carnavalet by Karen Knorr. The usual aim of the fable is to teach a lesson by drawing attention to animal behaviour and its relationship to human actions and shortcomings. Animals in fables speak metaphorically of human folly, criticizing human nature. Yet it seems that the nature of Karen Knorr’s work has another […]

Equus Synergist

There’s something about horses, for me. I wouldn’t say I’m especially good around them, but I love them all the same. Sometimes it feels like I’m fatefully drawn to them–as though they have lessons to teach me that I’m taking a very long time to learn, like a subconscious pull to a very important type […]

To be filled with the gods

Most nature museums–and this goes back to the curiosity cabinets of the Renaissance and early Enlightenment–do not really titillate the appetites, as in the case of consumer manipulation. The feeling of wonder, or the sensation of the marvelous, IS emotional and can intoxicate, but, unlike the appetites, it has no obvious object or specifiable goal. […]