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Sometimes a bunch of unruly odds and ends just need to be put with some friends and given a little purpose and organization. The Materials Acrylic case Decorative paper Bones Teeth Feathers Stones Moth wing Acorn cupule The Process The first step was preparing the acrylic case: making sure it was clean and taking the […]

Cold Cold Ground

Another one from the collection! This acrylic box keeps several large brown acorns (with hats!) and a large chestnut shell on a bed of dusky chocolate brown pebbles. The acorns were given to me by my friend Amanda, and the chestnut by my aunt Laura. The sweet Chestnut burr is really impressive. The burr, or […]

Equus Synergist

There’s something about horses, for me. I wouldn’t say I’m especially good around them, but I love them all the same. Sometimes it feels like I’m fatefully drawn to them–as though they have lessons to teach me that I’m taking a very long time to learn, like a subconscious pull to a very important type […]

Intricacies of Art and Nature

Such pleasure in parallels! In cleaning these latest acquisitions I couldn’t help but marvel how delicate and intricate these bones are. It was peril between my fingers–at any moment I felt as though a piece could break. But the strength of the bone comes from its intricacies. The brittle parts work in concert together, their […]


A few things from my own collection, which had a bit of a rearranging this weekend: cow skull, crow’s memento mori, an assembly of little bones, and the new home of the articulated spine.

Magical Talisman

The internet says Talisman comes from the Greek word “telein” which means “to initiate into the mysteries” and typically refers to an amulet or other object considered to possess supernatural or magical powers. After a weekend without electricity and under threat of a hurricane, making a talisman from the crow vertebrae seemed perfect. Selecting the […]

Crow: Memento Mori

**WARNING to the squeamish: this post is about something dead and what I did to prepare it for a project. Also, there are maggots.** This project started like most of them do, with some bad luck and some good luck. The bad luck was: a crow died. The good luck was: I found it. It’s […]