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Tis the season! If you’re looking for GIFTS with spine, I’ve got a few shop suggestions: The Evolution Store is my latest obsession. I visited the first time during a recent trip to New York City and was nearly left breathless by the shop aesthetic and selection. Their online store is equally impressive. From little […]


It’s that time of year again: Krampusnacht! Krampus is a demonic looking beast who punishes naughty children during the Yuletide season. He’s depicted as tall, hairy, horned, and grotesque; equipped with whips, chains, and a sack to steal children away. (via encyclopediapsychotika) (via BromArt) Krampus can be traced back to pre-Christian Germanic traditions. Early Christians […]

Renard, Liberated

Selections from Musée Carnavalet by Karen Knorr. The usual aim of the fable is to teach a lesson by drawing attention to animal behaviour and its relationship to human actions and shortcomings. Animals in fables speak metaphorically of human folly, criticizing human nature. Yet it seems that the nature of Karen Knorr’s work has another […]

Equus Synergist

There’s something about horses, for me. I wouldn’t say I’m especially good around them, but I love them all the same. Sometimes it feels like I’m fatefully drawn to them–as though they have lessons to teach me that I’m taking a very long time to learn, like a subconscious pull to a very important type […]

To be filled with the gods

Most nature museums–and this goes back to the curiosity cabinets of the Renaissance and early Enlightenment–do not really titillate the appetites, as in the case of consumer manipulation. The feeling of wonder, or the sensation of the marvelous, IS emotional and can intoxicate, but, unlike the appetites, it has no obvious object or specifiable goal. […]


I stumbled across this amazing shop during a visit to New York City, quite by accident. I was immediately drawn to the black store front with big glass windows and black banner with a massive and beautifully illustrated human skull: The Evolution Store. I may have gasped when I entered. So many beautifully displayed things! […]

Halloween Poems and lore

The title page from “Halloween Through Twenty Centuries” by Ralph and Adelin Linton. I first made this book’s acquaintance in Tacoma, Washington at the Anna Lemon Wheelock library. That edition was bound in black cloth, with a silver Halloween cat–back arched and looking properly spooked–on the cover. It seemed like a magic and otherworldly thing: […]

The Fading Impulse

They’re almost otherworldly, dragonflies. This one lingered around the doorway for days–on borrowed time–which gave me the opportunity to appreciate close-up how amazing these creatures are: all electrical impulse and chemical potion in a jeweled casing. It was mesmerizing, one of those moments where the line between science and magic seems to blur.

Scales that coil

(via Pale Luna) (via Stay Gold) The scaled coils of snakes on my mind today, thanks in part to the release of The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug trailer. Only a few seconds devoted to the dragon, but I think you’ll agree they’re an excellent few moments–a sublime aural manifestation of a dragon: deep and […]

Intricacies of Art and Nature

Such pleasure in parallels! In cleaning these latest acquisitions I couldn’t help but marvel how delicate and intricate these bones are. It was peril between my fingers–at any moment I felt as though a piece could break. But the strength of the bone comes from its intricacies. The brittle parts work in concert together, their […]