Another one from the collection!


This acrylic box keeps several large brown acorns (with hats!) and a large chestnut shell on a bed of dusky chocolate brown pebbles. The acorns were given to me by my friend Amanda, and the chestnut by my aunt Laura.


The sweet Chestnut burr is really impressive. The burr, or cupule, holds and protects the nut as it grows. The cupule is called a burr because the outside is brutally spiky, its little needles jabbing every which way, providing a formative defense. It gives you a whole new respect for a tree’s protective measures for its precious cargo. The other side of the burr, though, is equally amazing. That side is soft, like gold velvet. This is the part that would cushion and insulate the nut itself. When the nut reaches maturity the cupule splits open and releases the nut to the forest floor.

The acorns are quite lovely, too. They may be more common and familiar, but they are no less wonderous. Acorns come in all sorts of shades and sizes and textures. The acorns included in this piece are quite large, with dark glossy nut and small, tactile and clustered cupules. These come from some variety of oak tree, and if you’re very clever you can determine the tree species by acorn examination.

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