I stumbled across this amazing shop during a visit to New York City, quite by accident. I was immediately drawn to the black store front with big glass windows and black banner with a massive and beautifully illustrated human skull: The Evolution Store.

I may have gasped when I entered. So many beautifully displayed things! A few favorite details below.

EvolutionStore_ExplodedSkulleExploded skull.


EvolutionStore_SpineNecklace…with spine!

EvolutionStore_RaccoonBakulaRaccoon, politely offering his baculum.

EvolutionStore_BatMagnificationScales, and a gorgeous magnifying glass spying on a bat skeleton.

This is just a taste, of course. This shop was–impressively–two floors with an excellent variety of prepared specimens (taxidermy, arrangements under glass, insects in resine, articulated skeletons), raw materials (miscellaneous bones, minerals, glasses eyes), and art and accessories (jewelry, prints, magnifiers). I was so overwhelmed with the excellent selection I bought exactly nothing. Fortunately, though, they have a website which you should absolutely visit.

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