TheSet_Skull TheSet_Teeth
TheSet_Nasal TheSet_Spine

Such pleasure in parallels! In cleaning these latest acquisitions I couldn’t help but marvel how delicate and intricate these bones are. It was peril between my fingers–at any moment I felt as though a piece could break. But the strength of the bone comes from its intricacies. The brittle parts work in concert together, their delicate complexity forming a structure of strength, an amazing whole.

So I placed them on papers with patterns that echoed these intricacies. Instead of bone, patterns. The lines and shapes themselves delicate, but forming complex patterns that provide structure, unity.

Top row, from left to right: the dome of a kitten skull, and the upper jaw–including teeth–from the same skull.
Bottom row, from left to right: the inside view of nasal passages of the kitten skull, and vertebrae from a young crow.

As always, these bones were found and acquired humanely with much love and respect to the animals they belonged to.

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