My favorites.

I was gifted this copy of Nine Stories by my friend Allison as I went off to art school. I kept the note on the title page. It’s been well loved and well read: wrinkled binding, curled pages, underlined passages, notes in the margins.

A Perfect Day for Bananafish and For Esmé – with Love and Squalor have kept me company on many late nights, early mornings, and languid afternoons.

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  1. That was such a favourite of mine. ‘Franny’ had (if I recall correctly) been reading ‘The Way of a Pilgrim’ (c.1880) and went around repeating ‘The Jesus Prayer’. I hadn’t a clue what that was all about and wasn’t curious enough to find out. Now, some 45 years later I’m reading it, and, yes, repeating the prayer. It is the backbone of Eastern Orthodoxy, the most ancient of Christian belief. It’s a book which has staying power, obviously.

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