A bit of autumnal decorating for the apartment.

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  1. It looks like you guys live in a fun house…or a funhouse! teehee We love the moon singing along with our cat cousins and the bat purse. Is that a jam tart in the bird cage? At first, we though the “H” in Halloween was an owl. We always have birds on the brain!

    Our people have had a little spooky something for a few years on the bookshelf and they’re sending it off to you tomorrow. Better late than never! We all hope you’ll like it! It should fit right in.

    We got a little stuffed fruit bat in the mail today…from the symbolic adoption place. We named it Tweetie. We were disappointed to learn they weren’t sending us a real bat. And now we’re even more disappointed that it got hung it up in the sunroom instead of our getting to play with it. Oh well. It really is too cute to disembowel. 🙁

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