Sometimes a bunch of unruly odds and ends just need to be put with some friends and given a little purpose and organization. The Materials Acrylic case Decorative paper Bones Teeth Feathers Stones Moth wing Acorn cupule The Process The first step was preparing the acrylic case: making sure it was clean and taking the […]

Velours de Fumer

(via just shine a light on me) Unapologetically posting this Dolce & Gabbana red velvet smoking jacket worn by Benedict Cumberbatch during the LA Premiere of “The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug.” Because, holy god.


Tis the season! If you’re looking for GIFTS with spine, I’ve got a few shop suggestions: The Evolution Store is my latest obsession. I visited the first time during a recent trip to New York City and was nearly left breathless by the shop aesthetic and selection. Their online store is equally impressive. From little […]


It’s that time of year again: Krampusnacht! Krampus is a demonic looking beast who punishes naughty children during the Yuletide season. He’s depicted as tall, hairy, horned, and grotesque; equipped with whips, chains, and a sack to steal children away. (via encyclopediapsychotika) (via BromArt) Krampus can be traced back to pre-Christian Germanic traditions. Early Christians […]

Cold Cold Ground

Another one from the collection! This acrylic box keeps several large brown acorns (with hats!) and a large chestnut shell on a bed of dusky chocolate brown pebbles. The acorns were given to me by my friend Amanda, and the chestnut by my aunt Laura. The sweet Chestnut burr is really impressive. The burr, or […]